Cut the Heavy Duty Truck Repair Cost with Timely Maintenance of Exhaust System

A heavy-duty truck exhaust system is vital to the truck’s overall performance. Truckers avoid riding a truck or trailer and spattering smoke from its engine, especially on bumpy roads. That’s why exhaust system repair and maintenance are important parts of heavy duty truck repair.

Even before noticing your truck’s worn-out parts or fire smell, finding specific heavy duty truck repair shops for timely exhaust system repair and maintenance would be best. Remember that a malfunctioning exhaust system will affect the overall performance of your truck.

Working Mechanism of a Truck Exhaust System

An exhaust system is the major component that collects the gases from your truck engine’s combustion chamber. The filters next to the exhaust system help to remove the dangerous chemicals from the engine.

Timely maintenance of the truck exhaust system is essential to avoid noise from the engine. A truck exhaust system has the following parts;

  • Manifold: It is responsible for removing harmful stuff from the combustion chamber.
  • Flange: Use to seal or tighten the exhaust pipe.
  • Resonator: A system for sound control coming out of the truck’s engine.
  • Cravat or cover: a system to create back pressure with no noise to improve the performance of the truck engine.

Signs and Indications of a Faulty Heavy-duty Truck Exhaust System

  • Truckers can detect the issues in the heavy-duty truck exhaust system by using a light while checking the engine.
  • If the noise from your truck or engine worsens daily, it is a sure sign of a faulty exhaust system, especially a muffler.
  • Are you noticing a strong smell coming out of your truck? If yes, it is because of a faulty exhaust system. To avoid consequences, you must immediately inspect your truck from a heavy-duty truck repair shop.
  • If you face continuous vibration in your truck while running on smooth roads, it might be due to a faulty suspension system.
  • If truckers face all these issues in their exhaust systems, you must check it yourself or from a professional repairer to overcome the performance issues in the long run.

What is the Cost of Changing a Faulty Exhaust System at a Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Shop?

Replacing a truck’s exhaust system is usually between $170 and $2500. This price depends on the individual parts or the whole system needing replacement and labour costs. However, attempting customized heavy-duty truck repairs may not achieve much in terms of savings.

This is because most complete exhaust systems require straightforward replacement with minimal expertise, while labour costs will seldom exceed $250. If you have some technical know-how and are only dealing with minor repairs, replacing certain parts shouldn’t break the bank.

Why Do You Need to Replace or Repair Faulty Heavy-duty Truck Parts?

A worn-out or damaged exhaust system in your truck may release harmful components. These fumes will impact not only the truck’s performance but also the trucker’s health. Additionally, these fumes may get released in your truck and not pass out properly.

It is too dangerous for you if you are a trucker or breathing in an exhaust fume. On the other hand, a faulty truck exhaust system will also increase your vehicle’s noise. If you don’t repair these faults timely, the noises from your trucks will worsen over time.

What are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Heavy-duty Truck Exhaust System Repair?

Various factors will influence the cost if you want heavy duty truck parts such as exhaust systems. The type of system, the materials used, and even the make and model of your vehicle can all affect how much you pay overall.

1) Type of Exhaust System

Cat-back and Axle-back systems are the two most popular styles when purchasing an exhaust system or its components. Both offer support with varying performance levels but come with different price points based on their quality.

As well as these options, more high-performance variants exist, which usually have higher costs than their lower-grade counterparts. In terms of materials, mild steel is often chosen for its affordability compared to other options, such as galvanized aluminum which has better corrosion resistance and reduces noise levels from the exhaust.

The highest quality option, however, is stainless steel because it is sturdier than others but also comes with a higher price tag attached to it as well for this improved level of performance.

2) Cost of Each Part of the Exhaust System

When purchasing heavy duty truck parts, the cost can vary greatly depending on the type of car and its age. Generally speaking, when looking for affordable options, older models are more likely to have parts that are not too expensive.

However, modern trucks may require more costly pieces due to higher quality materials and design. For example, mufflers used in high-performance trucks and trailers often cost around $85 but can quickly increase depending on the size and material used.

On average, these types of mufflers range from $350 or more! Similarly, exhaust tips come at a range of prices, ranging from as low as $35 to around $200 for something made with better quality materials. Trucks usually come with pre-installed tips, which may add further costs during repairs or replacements. In conclusion, when buying heavy duty truck parts, one must consider their model and budget before deciding to get the most bang for their buck!

3) Labor and Services Cost

Changing your truck’s exhaust system does not have to be a difficult task. You can do it with the right tools, know-how, and experience. On the other hand, if you are still determining your technical abilities, you should take it to a shop.

Labour costs about $80-$100 an hour; replacing the exhaust system should take half a day. This mainly depends on whether you are completely changing the entire system or just some parts, in which case, how many components need to be replaced determines how long it takes overall.

So, if your truck needs its exhaust changed, but you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, then why not contact National Truck Pro professionals who can quickly get this job done without any stress?

Get Customized Heavy-Duty Exhaust System Repair Services at National Truck Pro

Pre-installed exhaust systems are designed to meet safety standards while keeping the manufacturer’s costs low. However, it won’t bring out the full potential of your truck as much as a customized option would.

Installing a custom exhaust system on your specific model can improve performance, appearance, and sound results. Several advantages come with this modification, including improved engine efficiency, quicker evacuation of exhaust gases, improved fuel economy, and lower wear and tear on parts.

In addition to all these benefits of heavy duty truck repair, you’ll also experience quieter noise levels when driving your vehicle after this upgrade. Customizing an exhaust system is beneficial for the performance aspects and can also add aesthetic appeal to your ride while providing more power simultaneously! You can contact the National Truck Pro if you are looking for a complete heavy-duty truck or exhaust system repair package. This company offers the best truck repair and heavy duty truck parts maintenance services in Beckley, WV.

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